What is a NPN?

NPN stands for no-purchase-necessary. In order to not be considered a lottery, card companies hold NPN offers.

To send in a NPN you will need a 3x5" index or note card, a stamp, and a #10 envelope. #10 envelopes are the standard business size envelopes, and you will see #10 on the package. Put your name and address on the index card and mail it to the address by the cutoff date.

If the posting does not mention a SASE envelope, assume it is not needed. If I know that one requires an SASE envelope, I will make sure to mention it.

Your card will be entered into a drawing which will give you the same odds of receiving an insert as you would have if you purchased a pack.

The information on this site is unofficial. I gather addresses and information from websites and off the back of packs of cards. I do not represent any card companies.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Upper Deck 07/08 NBA SP Authentic NPN

There is a new NPN offer up at http://npn.upperdeck.com, NBA SP Authentic. There are two listings that say SP Authentic. MAKE SURE TO PICK THE TOP ONE if you have already registered for NFL SP Authentic. If you register twice, I'm pretty sure you get disqualified. Its too bad Upper Deck hasn't been listing the sport with the card line.

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