What is a NPN?

NPN stands for no-purchase-necessary. In order to not be considered a lottery, card companies hold NPN offers.

To send in a NPN you will need a 3x5" index or note card, a stamp, and a #10 envelope. #10 envelopes are the standard business size envelopes, and you will see #10 on the package. Put your name and address on the index card and mail it to the address by the cutoff date.

If the posting does not mention a SASE envelope, assume it is not needed. If I know that one requires an SASE envelope, I will make sure to mention it.

Your card will be entered into a drawing which will give you the same odds of receiving an insert as you would have if you purchased a pack.

The information on this site is unofficial. I gather addresses and information from websites and off the back of packs of cards. I do not represent any card companies.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thanks Donruss

Well I am finally coming through on my promise to start showing some NPN's I receive.  This week I received three from Donruss:

2008 Donruss Playoff Prestige Football: Lavelle Hawkins RC #167
2008 Donruss Classics: Roy Williams School Colors OSC-19 #0155/1000
2008 Donruss Elite:  Jacob Hester Aspirations #29/82

Not bad...

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